Education Empowerment for Women

Malin is a final year student at Nallamuthu Gounder Mahalingam College Pollachi. She is currently pursuing a BA degree in Literature. She comes from a low income family and is  in need of financial help to complete her degree. Education empowerment for women has currently awarded her with scholarship for the first semester of the final year and is in the process of collecting funds for the second semester to help her graduate. She hopes to complete her degree and become independent and also be able to help her family.

Education Empowerment for Women is very happy to announce that we have awarded Malin with full scholarship for her final semester towards completing her Under Graduate degree. Malin will be awarded with a BA degree in Literature in Spring 2019. 

Congratulations Malin!

Srinidhi.V is in 7th Grade at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan in Coimbatore, India. She is in need of financial assistance to continue her schooling. Her family is going through very high unexpected medical expenses and is unable to pay the school tuition fees. Our organization has decided to help Srinidhi and provide her with scholarship to continue with her schooling.

Congratulations Srinidhi for being promoted from 7th Grade to 8th Grade. We wish you another fruitful year ahead.


Celin J is currently a Senior at High School. She wishes to become an Auditor. She is in need of financial assistance to complete her Undergraduate and Graduate studies. She is from a low income family. Her family is unable to provide her with higher education due to insufficient income. She requests this aid so that she can pay for her college fees and continue with her coming studies.