Education Empowerment for Women


SPECIAL THANKS TO PRAMODH SRIHARI AND KARTHIK GURUVAYURAPPAN                                  Our Outgoing Senior Volunteers for their Contribution to


We would like to wish them the very best in anything and everything they want to achieve in life.



Hello! My name is Divya Venkataraman and I am an incoming freshman at Monta Vista High School. I am volunteering because I want to not just see the world, but also make a difference in it, through any means possible. It reminds me of how lucky I am. I have been given so much in life and believe it’s important to give back as well.

Volunteering for Education Empowerment for Women gives me the opportunity to make this difference by empowering as many women as we can with education.


Hi! My name is Riya Narang. I am an incoming Freshman at Cupertino High School. There are many reasons why I want to be involved in volunteering for this organization. The main reason being that I want to give back to girls who aren't as fortunate to have a stable financial status. I'm extremely grateful for everything that I have today. So, I have made a promise to myself to give back as much as I can, especially when it comes to things that can change peoples' lives for the better.

 I'm known to be quite energetic and even though I come off as funny and always happy, I consider myself as a person of maturity who is also able to think rationally.

Volunteering for Education Empowerment for Women will help me fulfill my promise to give back as much as I can by helping educate the young women in India for them to have a bright future.

Hi! I am Arushi Gupta. I am an incoming Freshman at Lynbrook high school.
I love to volunteer and also love working with kids. I am currently helping kids with Math. I would like to volunteer for Education Empowerment for Women since, it is all about helping educate young women in India. I understand the importance of education and the difference it can make in a person's life especially, young women.